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Linux Story I

September 04, 2019

Linux .

I recently shifted from Windows8 to Ubuntu18.04(LTS). It’s very hard to take this decision for me , because at that time i do not know anything about the ubuntu version of linux. But when i shifted ,it was easy to execute same as windows does. It has very good GUI(Graphic User Interface) and I liked that it was most enjoyable part but when I installed Ubuntu many problems occured at the that time. I am listing some problems below.

Installation Problem

I boot my pendrive with ubuntu18.04LTS and then poweroff the laptop and start pressing F12 . Usually this is the key to open the boot sequence. Practically at that time i have no knowledge of installing an operating system in a laptop, so this is my first attemt for installing an operating system by myself. I completed installation steps and then a confusing page occured in which i have to delete the earliar OS from harddrive , I can’t recognise which part to delete because the format was in sda or in its technical term so I have to calculate my partitions in hard disk so I quit that process and remove the pendrive. After that I reboot the laptop and calculate the partitons in windowa OS and again boot the pendrive . But when I again reach that step,the calculated partition in windows format and installing format were differrent. But when I apply some approximation and deleted one partition and when the installtion was completed then I rebooted my laptop it shows an error message.


At that time I did’nt recognise why this error is poping up on my laptop screen. I was nervous what happened to my laptop and then I rebooted it again with my pen drive and started installation again, but when process completed , the error message remained constant. Then I asked my brother for help and he gave me a link “How to fix the booting sequence of laptop in BIOS manager” .

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