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Django Learning I

November 04, 2019

Week I

From many weeks I was thinking about to learn so many things but I was confused to choose , So I decided to learn a framework beacause in today’s senerio it was a good start. At the first time i choose to learn the LARAVEL FRAMEWORK so i decided to install the laravel package in my system and tried to start some stuff by searching the basic project in laravel. Then i come up with a search “How to create a contact from with a laravel framework” and i also take help by my elder brother. So we started a project file and copied some code from google. At the final we are able to setup the enviroment and created the whole contact form in just 15 min (Including Backend and Frontend) but i struggled with many problem in laravel and then i decided to search something related this framework. Then i decided to learn the Django Framework (beacuse i am comfortable with python).

I recently installed the django environment in my system and start doing something. When i started doing some stuff in django. My interest kept growing day by day.

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